It is also known as block rubber and it can be produced from both field latex and cuplump or a blend of both. Block Rubber is graded accordingly to precise technical parameters such as content of Dirt, Ash, Nitrogen, Volatile matter and its properties such as Wallace Plasticity (PO) and Plasticity Retention Index (PRI). Our company is registered as a member of Malaysia Rubber Association (LGM). We offer various grades of high-quality natural rubber which meet Technical Specified Rubber (TSR) specifications from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Our company annual supply capacity is 10,000 MT per year and we provide the premium and high quality natural rubber as mainly used by tier manufacturers.


Standard Malaysian Rubber

  • SMR 5
  • SMR 10
  • SMR 20

Standard Indonesia Rubber

  • SIR 5
  • SIR 10
  • SIR 20

Standard Thailand Rubber

  • STR 5
  • STR 10
  • STR 20


1 Bale, Loose = 35 kg
1 Pallet (36 Bales), Shrink Wrapped Wooden / Disposable Plastic / Metal = 1.26 MT
1 Container (16 Pallets), 20-ft = 20.16 MT