It is derived from field latex and contains 60% of Dry Rubber Content (DRC). Types of latex are differentiated by varying the amount used of preserved ammonia such as High Ammonia (HA) and Low Ammonia (LA/LATZ).

We are able to provide our clients with premium quality from different sources in Malaysia and Thailand.

Our company annual supply capacity is 50,000 MT per year and we provide the premium and high quality concentrate latex.

Latex Concentrate

  • 60% Concentrated Latex – High Ammonia
  • 60% Concentrated Latex – Low Ammonia
  • 60% Concentrated Latex – Medium Ammonia
  • 60% Concentrated Latex – Double Centrifuge


1 Metal Drum (non-returnable; internal-lined) = 205 kg
1 Container, 20-ft FCL (80 Metal Drums) = 16.4 MT
1 Flexi Bag per container, 20-ft FCL = 20 MT