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Company registration: 829601-D

With the insight on nature of trading, Persia WorldWide Sdn. Bhd. was proudly established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since 2008. Being an expert in this field, Persia WorldWide is highly specialized in importing and exporting goods and commodities. We provide our clients with the best solution to have their goods trade to and fro the international market.

Business Consultancy

Persia WorldWide had especially accumulated years of experience in trading between Malaysia and Middle Eastern countries. Our comprehensive and thorough apprehension of the trading circumstances between these countries allow us to bridge the gap for companies who wish to have their business running in this circle. Providing our clients an A to Z service through professional consultation, we assured customized solutions that perfectly fit our clients' need.


Import and Export
Expertise in importing and exporting goods and commodities. Perform trading of commodities between Malaysia and Middle East Common goods that trade between Malaysia and Middle East:
Electronic equipment, Petroleum and liquefied natural gas, Wood and wood products, Palm oil. Rubber, Textiles, Chemicals

Costume Clearance

In importing part; Once your goods had arrived in Malaysia or Iran, they will need to be cleared by the Customs. The process involves a few parties: you or your customs broker, the shipping company, agent or freight forwarder, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), and of course, the Customs itself.

Commodities brought into Malaysia are subjected to tax by the Royal Customs and Excise Department. Commodities are inspected at all points of entry and the duties taxes must be settled before they can be released.

However, before goods could be released from the respective post offices, customers need to keep track of the goods and obtain the amount of payable charge or related information. Therefore, Persia WorldWide acts as an intermediary company provides our clients with best advice in handling the situation and provide declarations for customs.

Our Goal

Bridging the gap between Malaysia and Middle East by ensuring customer satisfaction in every transaction.

Our Objective

To become the elite of trading between Malaysia and Middle East and provide exclusive service for everyone.

Vision Statement

We vision the company to grow into the most trusted partner and best service provider in the trading market between Malaysia and Middle East.

Mission Statement

We have zero tolerance in the commitment to deliver our clients with top-tier services and exclusive solutions in our best effort possible.

Persia WorldWide